South Bay Game of the Week: Eastlake Titans 37, Madison Warhawks 36

The Week 4 South Bay Game of the Week features the Madison Warhawks traveling to Chula Vista to take on the Eastlake Titans. In the end the score goes like this: Madison 36 Eastlake 37…a thrilling see-saw battle decided in overtime. The Titans enter this night’s contest as an extremely beat-up bunch…as in a lot of injuries. And then there’s this: one of their best running backs, Dean Klaser, is out for the season…and for a good reason. You see he is battling a rare form of cancer. His teammates have turned it into a positive by devoting the entire season to Dean by wearing his number 33 on their helmets. The Titans get on the board first with a nice run by Nate Sweat. The Warhawks respond in kind minutes later with a nice run into the end zone by Buck Buchanan to tie the game at 7. In the second quarter Eastlake’s Jay Viton runs it in to give the Titans a 22-7 lead. Time now for things to get interesting. Madison’s Darius Jackson bulldozes his way into the end zone to make it 22-14 Titans. Madison then ties it up at 22 when Terrell Carter airs it out to Marc Quinlan. Minutes later Shaheed Madyoon gives Madison the lead with a nice run. We’re not done yet….because with less than two minutes to go Titan quarterback Izzack Morales runs it in to tie the game…we are going to overtime! The Titans pull off a stunning one point victory when they complete a two yard conversion…a gutsy pass from Morales to Caleb Doit. At the end of the game Morales says tonight’s victory is made possible by a sidelined teammate…number 33…Dean Klaser…the running back who is winning his battle with cancer and inspiring his teammates in the process!

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