Game of the Week: Carlsbad Lancers 22, St. Augustine Saints 14

After 8 years the spell has been broken and the Lancers from Carlsbad were able to take home a win against St. Augustine! The Saints came marching in but were slowly slashed down as the Lancers were able to take control of the game and use their strong defense.

The Saints had great momentum starting the game when Deandre Daniels ran a 99 yard kickoff return to score the first touchdown of the game. It wasn’t long until Daniels was back in the end zone giving the Saints a 14-0 lead of the Lancers. Sadly that would be the last time they would put up a score.

Going into the second quarter Joel Lazaro returned a 40 yard punt and is what gave the Lancers the momentum they needed to put them in the game and get close to the end zone. Ryan Menker was able to run in a touchdown, and not too much later Troy Bloomquist threw another touchdown this time to Jacob Turner 14-14.

Coming back from the half Saints quarterback Ryan Thomas throws a 32 yard interception caught by Zach Chavez. The Lancers were able to make it down the field where Tyler Francis kicked a 42 yard field goal giving them a lead of 22-14. After a fumble by the Saints the Lancers were able to hold them and win the game sending the Saints marching out with their first loss of the season. What a win for the Carlsbad Lancers after 8 years and still undefeated this season. Tune in next week to see both of these teams again on the Prep Pigskin Report!

PREVIEW: In this week’s Game of the Week we will see the Lancers from Carlsbad travel south as they take on the Saints from St. Augustine. Each of these teams were able to put very high scores on the board and get the ball to the end zone with ease.

The Saints are coming off a big win over Canyon Springs 51-12, where Senior, Jr Justice, was named the player of the game, scoring two touchdowns and a total of 42 passing yards, this quarterback and wide receiver can really navigate himself across the field. Another Saint to be reckoned with this season is going to be Senior running back Deandre Daniels, who rushed for 130 yards in his first game of the season, as well as scored two of the Saints five touchdowns.

The Saints will definitely have their work cut out for them as the Lancers are coming off a shut out of 49-0 over Del Norte. Joe Fontenot led his team in receiving yards with 173 total in his first game this season, as well as scoring three touchdowns. Troy Bloomquist, quarterback for the Lancers threw for a total of 246 passing yards.

If both teams can put up as high of scores as they did last week we are in for a good match up and Game of the Week. Tune in to see how this one plays out on the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 PM!

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