Loyola Cubs 41, St. Augustine Saints 0

The Saints came marching in, and they went marching straight back to the locker room as they not only lost to the Loyola Cubs, but by a shut out.

As both teams have been fierce competitors with each other over the past few years, this was sought to be a strong competition, but that is the beauty of football: you just never know.

In the second quarter, Saints quarterback Ryan Thomas’s pass was intercepted by the Cubs Zachary Spears, which lead to a 50-yard touchdown.

Thee third quarter was practically a game of tug-o-war. Cubs were trying to prove their dominance on the field while the Saints were just trying to get on the board.

Most of the night’s big action plays happened in the fourth quarter. Loyola’s Tommy Vanis scored a touchdown with a three-yard rush. One of the Saints talented players, Horizon transfer Deandre Daniels, who has had an excellent first two games, went in for a fourteen yard first down. Unfortunately, that was as close to a touchdown as the Saints were going to get.  Saints JR Justice was fumbled, which allowed Daniel Vasquez of the Cubs to recover the ball with about 2 minutes left in the game. As much as the Saints tried to march their way to the scoreboard and a win, the Cubs offense and defense tonight took over.  Final Score of the game: 41-0 Loyola.

With this being the Saints second straight loss, which is unfamiliar to them for a beginning of season record, are looking to brush the loss off and focus on their next game against Otay Ranch.

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In just the two weeks of high school football alone, the amount of upsets, record breaking plays and talent is unbelievable. One of the games that will showcase that even more will be St. Augustine Saints taking on the Loyola Cubs, who are traveling down the coast from Los Angeles.

Saints Coach Richard Sanchez recently entered his ninth season as the head coach. Under his leadership, Coach Sanchez has led the Saints to an overall record of 77 wins and 25 losses, with all past 8 seasons reaching CIF San Diego Section playoffs. Just within the past 5 seasons alone St. Augustine has brought home two CIF San Diego Section Championships and three runner-up finishes.

Loyola named new head coach Rick Pedroarias back in June after previous head coach took a leave of absence spring semester and decided not to return. Pedroarias had been the interim coach while Sanders took his absence and has been a part of the football program for three decades. With being a fellow Loyola grad and having previous experience with the program in the past thirty years with coaching offensive line, linebackers, and quarterbacks, Coach Rick has seen the teams at their glory days (and not so glory days). He is ready to take the team to new limits and finish what the team started last year: the road to the finals.

During the 2015-2016 season, the Cubs ended the regular season 8-2, including a perfect 7-0 on the road. In the same season, Loyola reached their first CIF Division 1 playoff appearance since 2011. They may have lost, but the Cubs finished the season with an impressive 9-3 record and ranked in the Top 15 football programs in California.

St. Augustine is quite familiar to CIF playoffs and outstanding records each season. As previously stated, the Saints have reached playoffs eight times, just under the coaching of Sanchez alone. Last year, the Saints had a heartbreaking loss in the Division 1 Section finals to CIF State champions, Madison. They are expecting to be their again, and with the team loaded with talent, including senior running back, Deandre Daniels, who had two touchdowns in the first quarter alone in last weeks game, that seems like a very likely possibility.

Will the Saints march on over the Cubs or will the Cubs fight back and take the week three win?

Kickoff starts at 7:00p.m. at Mesa College.

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