Steele Canyon Cougars 24, Mount Miguel Matadors 14

                The regular season has now officially been closed. In Week 11, the (6-4) Steele Canyon Cougars defeated the (4-6) Mount Miguel Matadors with a score of 24-14.

                The Matadors began the evening by celebrating senior night. The first touchdown, executed by Pierre Alexander, did not occur until the 2nd quarter. In fact, Alexander would end up scoring another two touchdowns.  Alexander definitely showcased his rushing capabilities against Mt. Miguel. Not only were his 59 rushing yards instrumental in setting up his own touchdowns, but they also lead to a field goal. Alexander power was supported by Malcolm Anders; up until the middle of the 4th quarter, Anders rushed for a total of 56 yards.

                As I expected, the game was not one sided. Although Mount Miguel was trailing by double digits the entire game, they played with vigor and heart. The Matadors were staging a comeback towards the end of the game, but the Cougars were able to stop them most of the time.

For instance, Mount Miguel was about 15 yards from the end zone. Quarterback Benny Valadez threw an interception to Cougar Anthony Howard. Costly mistakes such as that interception and various dropped passes lead to the Matadors’ demise.

It’s now time for playoffs. Catch all the hair raising and mouth drying action taking place in the playoffs on the Prep Pigskin Report. Same pig time, same pig channel. 

PREVIEW: After Friday night, the regular season will come to a close. Although that door will close, the door to the playoffs will open. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; we still need to get through Week 11. On Friday, the (5-4) Steele Canyon Cougars will head to Spring Valley to battle the (4-5) Mount Miguel Matadors.

This should be an interesting match-up. Both teams are similarly ranked within their respective division. Essentially, Mount Miguel and Steele Canyon are at the same level of game-play. This situation will certainly result in a fairly matched, exciting game.

The Matadors have only found success this season against Monte Vista, Chula Vista, Serra, and El Capitan. The best way the Matadors can end their regular season is by defeating the Cougars. Although their skills are relatively similar, a Matador victory over the Cougars will be an uphill battle.

Both teams faced the (7-2) Grossmont Foothillers this season. The differences between the Cougars and Matadors can be determined by looking at how they dealt with the Foothillers. Mount Miguel was completely shut out while the Cougars managed to defeat the Foothillers by a 3 point margin.

Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday night at 10:30 to watch the highlights from the game. 

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