Torrey Pines Falcon’s momentum proved no match for Westview Wolverines



Westview Wolverines strong start was no match for the Torrey Pines Falcons. Based on the first quarter, you would think that Westview had it in the bag, however, Torrey Pines momentum proved too strong to withstand.

Starting off the for the first play of the game, Westview quarterback Beau Nelson throws a long pass to wide receiver, Justin Bing to score a 90-yard touchdown. In the second quarter, the Falcons gain momentum as they score three touchdowns in the second quarter. First of their points, was a pass from quarterback, Jason Heine, to running back, Mac Bingham for a 14-yard gain at 1st and Goal. Bingham then goes on to score the touchdown the following play. Shortly after, Wolverines fumbles the ball and is recovered by the Falcons. Two plays later, the Falcon’s running back, Sully O’brien, scores the touchdown and the Falcons go up (7-13). Before the crowd knew it, it was 21-7 Falcons at the half.

Little did the Wolverines know, they would end of scoreless for rest of the game. Falcons took lead the lead and ran with it. The final score was 41-7 Falcons.

Although Westview had a fresh start to the game, the Torrey Pines’s momentum showed no match for the Wolverines. The Torrey Pines Falcons are now (3-2), while the Westview Wolverines are now (3-2). Westview has a bye next week but will face off with the Ramona Bulldogs the following week. Torrey Pines will also have a bye and will go against the San Marcos Knights on October 6th.

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PREVIEW: This Friday, the Torrey Pines Falcons take on the Westview Wolverines at home in a non-conference game. Both having good records and a number of returnees, the Falcons and Wolverines will not disappoint in Week 5.

The Falcons are coming off a tough 42-31 loss against El Camino Wildcats, while the Westview Wolverines are celebrating after an impressive win against the Del Norte Nighthawks, 34-7. However remembering losing to the Torrey Pines Falcons last year, the Westview Wolverines will be hungry for revenge this Friday. Having both solid records thus far, both teams feel that this win will be well deserved.

On Westview Wolverines’ side, the team has a relatively new defensive lineup with 9 new starters on defense. With the new editions, the Westview’s defense prove troublesome for teams, especially in their first two games keeping their opponents scoreless. Offensively, having 6 returners on offense, Beau Nelson leads the team, in which he completed 17 of 23 passes for 232 yards and 4 touchdowns last game. Having both a strong defense and offense, the Westview Wolverines prove a tough opponent for the Torrey Pines Falcons.

On the Torrey Pines Falcons’ side, the team have a good amount of veteran players. Having a strong attack on offense, the Falcons are led by junior running back Mac Brigham having touchdowns last week and Jason Hines often throwing to Sully O’Brien for touchdowns. With a strong offense and hungry from their last loss, the Torrey Pines Falcons will come ready to play this Friday.

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