Crawford Colts 38, Tri-City Christian Eagles 20

The Friday night lights gleamed upon Crawford High School’s football field as the Tri-City Christian Eagles prepared to take on the Crawford Colts. Both teams were one game away from reaching the Championship. Forty-eight minutes of football would send one team home and the other into the next week with the opportunity to compete for the Division V Title. The two teams would square off knowing exactly what needed to be done in order to come out victorious, but as we all know, each game can only have one victor.

In this game, it was the Crawford Colts who would “take care of business” and punch their ticket into next week’s Division V Championship game. Before kickoff I spoke with both head coaches, and in a way, each said something that would later come to fruition later in the game. The stage was set and throughout the course of the game their words came to life more and more with each possession. When asked about the keys to success Tri-City head coach Shane Goodwin said “We can’t control the who the other team is or how good they are, we can only control what we do. This season the games we’ve lost, we have also beaten ourselves, so as long as we go out there and do what we’re supposed to do we should be happy with the result.” I asked Crawford’s head coach Michael Wright the very same thing, and he responded by saying “Everybody needs to do their job for forty-eight minutes, if we do that I believe we can take care of business. If you want to continue you take care of business, you win the game, and you go to the championship.”

The game began and the prophecies would be fulfilled. Crawford would start with a touchdown from Devonti Brown and add a field goal to take an early 10-0 lead. The Eagles did what they were supposed to do and responded with a touchdown of their own and brought the lead down to just three points. The Crawford Colts took their turn and answered with a Niko Perry touchdown that would give them a 17-7 lead. The next series of plays would prove to be the biggest momentum swing in the game, and the Crawford Colts would be the beneficiaries. An onside kick would catch the Eagles off guard and put the ball back into Colt possession. Still the Eagles would not give in. As the second quarter came to a close the Eagles forced a Crawford interception and put themselves in position to once again bring the lead down to three points. Then the Eagles would beat themselves, and Devonti Brown would beat them to the end zone. Tri-City fumbled on their final drive of the first half and watched as Devonti Brown returned their mistake fifty-five yards for the touchdown. Now instead of heading into the locker room down 17-14, the Eagles instead found themselves down 24-7 and the Crawford Colts would never look back.

Crawford would “do its job” for the remaining twenty-four minutes on their way to securing a 38-20 win over Tri-City. It was a team effort but Devonti Brown certainly had a performance for the ages. Brown put the team on his back scoring twice on offense, and then matched his own intensity by scoring two touchdowns on defense. The young man was everywhere, and his team followed. Ultimately the Crawford Colts played the way everyone knew they could. They managed the ball well, took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes, and put the game out of reach. With the win against Tri-City, Crawford’s Colts will now be playing in next week’s Division V Championship game against Vincent Memorial. Crawford’s squad most definitely earned their right to play for the top prize, and when the lights once again shine on the Colts it will be on them to “do their job” one last time.

PREVIEW: Week 13 is underway and with it comes the second round of the playoffs! This Friday, Division V will feature a matchup between the Tri-City Christian Eagles (6-5) against the Crawford Colts (7-4). Just another game? Yes, but the winner of this contest will earn their spot in next week’s Division V Championship Game.

Both teams went to battle during the first round of the playoffs and came out of the arena relatively unscathed. Tri-City’s Eagles beat the Montgomery Aztecs pretty handily by a final score of 52-14. The Crawford Colts had a closer game against Army-Navy’s Warriors, but still more than doubled their opponent’s score and managed to win their matchup by a final score of 34-16. The winner of this game will await the winner of Friday’s other Division V matchup between the Vincent Memorial Scots and the Classical Academy Caimans.

In the Playoffs, every possession matters and every single point counts. Every mistake is magnified and there are no “do-overs”. Both squads must play like there is no tomorrow because that is the nature of the game at this stage. It is now “win and you’re still in” or “lose and go home”. With all great sports games, there must be a winner and a loser. After the dust settles on Friday night only one team will emerge victorious and punch their ticket into next week’s November 25th showdown with the championship on the line.

Kick-off takes place 6:00 P.M. Friday at Crawford High School. For postgame coverage and all the latest team news and highlights, don’t forget to watch the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 P.M. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KUSIPPR and @RedJacketArmy for live updates and all kinds of PPR exclusives. 

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