Preview: Vista Panthers 24, Del Norte Nighthawks 0

The Vista Panthers will move to 3-3 this season and 2-1 in their division after defeating the Del Norte Nighthawks (2-4) 24-0. It was a great night to get a win for the Panthers being as it was homecoming as well.

                Going into this game having the same record Vista and Del Norte battled through the first quarter not letting either team score. Both defenses were pumped up and ready to stop anyone that got in their way.

                Later in the second quarter Vista was able to score after Josh Davies threw a 30 yard touchdown pass to Antonio Green on a 4th and 9 play. A few plays later and Del Norte was punting the ball back to Vista where Antonio Green caught the punt and returned it for a touchdown giving the Panthers a 14-0 lead going into half time.

                After the half both teams had possession of the ball many times, but neither could get past the defense they were facing. The fourth quarter gave the Panthers two more opportunities to put points on the board. Del Norte made a fumble and was recovered by Vista. After three plays Vista was on a fourth down and opted to kick a 40 yard field goal by Carlos Rodriguez. Vista punts the ball back to Del Norte but after a big hit the ball is fumbled and recovered by Carlos Rodriguez setting them up for another touchdown by Dominique Hall.

                The records are no longer tied and the Panthers advance in their division and get a big win for the homecoming game! Vista will play at Rancho Bernardo next Friday in their next conference game, tune in to PPR on KUSI Friday night at 10:30 PM to see if the Panthers will keep their winning streak going.

PREVIEW: The Vista Panthers (2-3) will host the Nighthawks from Del Norte (2-3) this Friday in a league conference game. Not only do both of these teams have the same record overall, but are also 1-1 in their league. These teams might have the same records but play two completely different styles of football.

The Panthers are coming off a bye week last week and beat the Ramona Bulldogs the week prior. The momentum from their win two weeks ago should surely be displayed as they head into this week’s match up. Vista has a strong running game, and leading the Panther’s in rushing yards is junior Vavega Sialoi, who ran for 133 yards against Ramona totaling 291 this season.

The Del Norte Nighthawks on the other hand like to pass the ball, and their leading receiver is Junior Ty Anderson. This season Anderson has caught for 261 yards in the four games he has played. Senior quarterback Jake Moore has thrown 708 yards averaging 117 yards per game in the four games he has played as well.

Each team has their own technique and strategy that they will use to come out with a win this week.  The question is, which team has what it takes to win and advance to 2-1 in their league. Find out by watching the highlights of this game and many more Friday night at 10:30 PM on KUSI!  

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