West Hills Wolf Pack 23, Mt Miguel Matadors 20

Every even match-up must have a winner. This week the West Hills Wolf pack traveled to Spring Valley and took on the Mount Miguel Matadors. After the game kicked off, it was no surprise that the Matadors made their way within the 5 yard line, but the Wolf pack defense really brought their game. In fact, West Hills actually played very well defensively. A couple examples of this include a very impressive tackle by Wolf pack defensive tackle, Jeremy Thomas, and an interception by free safety, Ryan Jewell. At the beginning of the second quarter, the Wolf pack gained possession, and found their way on the scoreboard with a 6 yard touchdown thrown by Jordin Young and caught by Cade Weaver leaving the score at 6-0. However, the Matadors came right back and scored when quarterback Mugabee Miller threw a 17 yard touchdown to Jaheim Allen changing the score to 6-6. After going back and forth the Matadors tried to end the first half with a field goal, but the kick was no-good.

When the second half kicked off, the Wolf pack made a few impressive first downs and eventually made their way back onto the scoreboard thanks to Jordin Young rushing a 1 yard quarterback keep making the score 13-6. The third quarter ended with Mugabee Miller also attempting a quarterback keep and succeeding leaving the score at 13-13.

With the score all tied up by the top of the fourth quarter, both teams really brought all their strengths to the field. West Hills however, broke the tie thanks to Mr. Young passing to Cade Weaver once again, this time for a 37 yard touchdown which made the score 20-13. This obviously brought out the Matadors’ game faces. Mugabee Miller then passed a 32 yard touchdown to Jarvis Heard. After that, tension was high both on the field and in the stands. The Wolfpack gained possession and were running each play right after the other. With three seconds left, the Pack went for a field goal, but the Matadors’ coaches called a time-out right when the ball was snapped so when the teams took the time-out, the clock was reset to three seconds and the Pack set up to kick. After confusion West Hills finally kicked the ball and Cade Weaver made the game-winning field goal which was immediately followed by his teammates attacking him with excitement. The final score wound up being 23-20 in West Hills’s favor.


As week four approaches, head down to Spring Valley and watch the Mount Miguel Matadors(1-2) take on the West Hills Wolf Pack(2-1).

Last week, the Matadors fought the Valhalla Norsemen along with a good amount of rainfall. Unfortunately, the Norsemen took home the win, despite the rain, with a final score of 24-14. However, it wasn’t a total loss. Mugabee Miller, quarterback for the Matadors, managed to achieve 268 passing yards which is the most passing he’s done so far this season. Also Shemar Greene has achieved 318 total rushing yards so far this season.  

As for West Hills, last week they were able to seal a win against Mission Bay with a final score of 28-0. Wolf Pack quarterback, Jordin Young, has had a pretty good season in his varsity debut as he has achieved 229 total passing yards and 105 rushing yards so far this season. The Matadors are currently ranked 10th in Division 3 as the Wolf Pack is currently ranked 13th in Division 2.

However, based on past performance from both teams, it is difficult to predict how this game may end. The game will be held this Friday September 15th at 7:00 PM at Mount Miguel High School.

And if you miss the game, or if you’re a player and you would like to watch your team’s highlights, you could always catch the highlights on Friday night at 10:30 PM on KUSI.

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