Primary election results ratified by City Council

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The results of the June 3 primary election were ratified Monday by the San Diego City Council.

Voters returned council members David Alvarez, Myrtle Cole and Lorie Zapf to office and set up a November general election showdown between Chris Cate and Carol Kim in a district centered around Mira Mesa.

“I would say to my colleagues – to Ms. Cole, Ms. Zapf and Mr. Alvarez – congratulations on your reelections,” Council President Todd Gloria said.

He also congratulated Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, who helped lead the campaign to pass Proposition A, which updates the City Charter by setting inauguration day for Dec. 10, or the first Monday after if that date falls on a weekend. The change eliminates a potential conflict with state law on the amount of time allowed to certify election results.

Voters also rejected a pair of propositions that would have affirmed City Council decisions to approve an updated zoning plan for Barrio Logan.

Supporters said the community plan would have untangled residential and industrial land uses in the economically disadvantaged neighborhood near downtown. However, opponents contended that a buffer zone created to effect the separation would have forced businesses to move, with resulting job losses.

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