Procession watchers line streets in show of support for Officer De Guzman

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — As a procession of officers escorted the hearse, on-lookers lined streets and freeway overpasses in a show of support.

Thousands of residents lined the procession route Friday, their presence filling the air with appreciation, respected and heavy hearts.

Men waving flags for a man they didn’t know, generations of families holding signs for "J.D." saying, "A true hero." 

Firefighters saluting an officer from high atop their engines, light bars flashing, their sirens silent.

People from near and far gathered along the procession route for Officer De Guzman to show appreciation for his work and solidarity with our police force.

From young children to grandparents, the onlookers wanted it to be known that our officers are loved.

Among them, a woman with two sons who are both police officers.

"It’s very emotional. I didn’t realize as a mom how this would affect me." said Janille Smith. "I raised two strong boys as a single parent and never dreamed they would choose this profession … but I think God put them in the right place." 

"I just wanted to show my son as a community what police officer’s mean to us. How they protect us … Most incredible thing I’ve seen," said Steve Adler, another onlooker.

People were lined all the way from Qualcomm in Mission Valley to Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, where the funeral was held. Much of that route was also lined with small American flags with blue ribbons tied to them.

The outpouring of support Friday morning was incredibly moving, something I’m sure Officer De Guzman’s family felt as well as officers around the county.

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