Prop 10 supporters say initiative would help rent control for tenants

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — If a voter initiative is approved in November, more California communities could open their doors to rent control.

At a rally in support of Proposition 10, a group of tenants, union members and advocates for affordable housing rallied outside the Kearny Mesa offices of a corporation that is one of the largest landlords of residential property in California.

The group called the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, or “ACCE” urged voters to pass Proposition 10, which would repeal a 1995 law called Costa-Hawkins.

The measure prevents price controls from being imposed on single family homes, condominiums and housing built after 1995.

In San Diego, that applies to most of the housing stock. If Proposition 10 passes, those restrictions would be lifted and communities across the state would be free to create new ordinances that might establish rent control.

Without the prohibitions in Costa-Hawkins, local governments would be empowered to enact new laws and regulations to cap or control rental housing prices.

Many developers and housing industry investors are opposed to the ballot initiative.

Molly Kirkland of the San Diego County Apartment Association said the repeal of Costa-Hawkins will have an adverse effect on the housing market. She said in some instances, it will keep renters from moving out and result in fewer units available for rent.

Kirkland also said there might be a freeze on new construction, if developers fear rent control would make their projects less feasible.

Those who rallied in support of Prop 10 said the housing market has to change. 72 year old Barbara Pinto, a retired educator said California must do something about rising rents and the severe shortage of affordable housing. “I am one paycheck away from the street,” she said.

Proposition 10 follows a failed effort in the California Legislature to toss out Costa-Hawkins earlier this year.

In January, a bill calling for its repeal was killed in committee.

Supporters of Prop 10 said some of the corporations make the most money from residential properties in California are sinking millions into a campaign to defeat the voter initiative.

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