Prop D debate at the Catfish Club

The Catfish Club holds forums to educate voters in San Diego about important city issues before they head to the polls.

At today's meeting there was a debate over Proposition D. Defending the half cent sales tax was council members Donna Frye and Todd Gloria, while opposing it was council member Carl DeMaio and Lani Lutar from the taxpayers association.

Proposition D is the proposed half cent sales tax increase which contains 10-reforms that have to be completed before the tax is actually collected.

The top selling point for the tax increase is further using the money for public services, especially public safety which took a “pay cut” for the first time last year. Proponents say without Prop D it would only get worse.

The opposition says Prop D, as written, doesn't get you there because it's been watered down. According to Lani Lutar, “The bottom line is the language that was adopted by this council has weak reforms that really can't be guaranteed.”

Prop D is supposed to solve the city's financial problems, including the structural deficit. But a panel of business and civic leaders issued a report saying Prop D alone could not solve this problem. The report says Prop D is nothing more than a 5-year bridge loan that does not address the any annual deficits.

The key phrase in the report is “additional council action.”
It stresses without additional concrete reforms to restrain spending, and pay down the debt, deficits will continue after the tax sunsets.

On Monday the council will attempt to add those additional reforms that go beyond the 10 additional reforms attached to the sales tax.
If they include annual savings of 73 million dollars, and a spending freeze.

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