Mayor Sanders and Council Member DeMaio face off on Prop D

The debate on Prop D has grown sharper and more passionate as we head into the final weekend before the election. Mayor Jerry Sanders and Council Member Carl DeMaio squared-off before the Rotary Club today.

KUSI's Steve Bosh was there and breaks down the debate.

Only four days remain for the pros and cons of Prop D to convince voters to increase the sales tax by half a cent or to kill it.

Those pushing for the tax say it will solve the City's financial problems once and for all but those opposing the tax say it's a blank check with no guarantees on where that money will go.

The Mayor told the crowd, without the tax there could be massive layoffs of cops and firefighters, libraries shut down, city pools emptied and minimal maintenance at parks, beaches, on roads and streets. Mayor Sanders went on to say “(Prop D) preserves our police, fire, and paramedic services and it continues reform, it ends the chronic budget deficits once and for all and the cost of it, three dimes a day.”

The Mayor says Prop D is the only plan on the table except for Mr. DeMaio's non-existent plan, which he calls “the biggest secret at City Hall.” But DeMaio counters saying “my office has layed out on my website over 90 million dollars in cost saving reforms.”

The Mayor accused DeMaio's reforms as not embedded in a comprehensive plan, only offered up piece by piece.

The Mayor spouted off a list of supporters which was counted by DeMaio's list of opponents.

DeMaio went on to say, “Lets implement the reforms up front, lets not say give us a half a billion dollars blank check and the checks in the mail we'll get to the reforms later on. We need to rethink our City Government, simply pouring another half a billion dollars in revenue into this service delivery model, this City Government with its liabilities is not a financial recovery plan.”

As to the claim of scare tactics by the “Yes on D” campaign, the Mayor says sometimes the truth is scary, “I'm asking, I mean, I'm imploring people because I worry about the quality of life in the City, I worry about public safety, I worry about our libraries.”

Carl DeMaio said, “By defeating Prop D we will send an unmistakable mandate to City Hall that enough is enough, that we want to see reform we need to change how City Government operates.”

This is the hot button issue for San Diego voters on November 2nd. Whichever side gets the most votes wins.

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