Measure A: Road repairs

In November voters in San Diego County will be asked to decide on Measure A, a proposal from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) that creates a half-cent sales tax increase.

The increase is expected to generate more than $18 billion over the next 40 years to fund highway and transit projects, and would legally bind SANDAG to complete them. The measure requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

Community leaders say ‘Measure A’ will help public safety


Supporters say Measure A will make urgently needed repairs to roads and bridges and will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Proponents claim all Measure A money will be spent locally and cannot be touched by Sacramento. SANDAG and most of its board members support it, including Council Member Todd Gloria and County Supervisor Ron Roberts. The United Veterans Council of San Diego and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association is also in favor.


Those opposed to Measure A say it is not the answer to San Diego’s crumbling roads and mass transportation needs. They say it is a 40-year sales tax increase for San Diego County that has little accountability or transparency. Opponents also argue it has no guaranteed solutions to address climate change or reduce traffic congestion. Among those opposed are the American Federation of Teachers and San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez, as well as most of the Quality of Life Coalition, made up of:

  • Climate Action Campaign
  • Sierra Club
  • Bike SD
  • Democrats for Environmental Action
  • League of Conservative Voters
  • California Nurses Association
  • Environmental Health Coalition

Mayor Faulconer is part of the SANDAG board, but he opposes it.

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