Protesters ask for city to close illegal pot dispensaries

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Some residents of one San Diego neighborhood say they want the city to get much more aggressive in closing down illegal pot shops.

Wednesday was April 20, or 4-20, and in some communities, April 20 has become a kind of celebration of marijuana.

But on Wednesday, a march and protest organized by community members showed a very different point of view.

They say they’re determined to pull the weeds.

The protesters said they’re trying to save the community from the dangers of unregulated and unlicensed marijuana dispensaries.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said Wednesday his office is shifting tactics to combat "hardcore” operators of illegal marijuana dispensaries in San Diego.

In a presentation to the City Council’s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee on enforcement efforts against illegal marijuana storefronts, Goldsmith said the operators and their lawyers have adjusted to current procedures used by the City Attorney’s Office.

He said hundreds of such operations have been shut down through civil enforcement actions that enforce city zoning laws.

A few, however, have repeatedly reopened at different locations. City staff said they’re aware of around 35 illegal dispensaries open in San Diego.

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