Arizona protesters block road to Donald Trump rally, New York demonstrators march on Trump Tower

ARIZONA (KUSI) – Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to draw protests as he travels from state to state for rallies. Arizona demonstrators blocked off a main highway leading to Trump’s rally in the city of Fountain Hills, parking their cars in the road to protest his candidacy. The protesters chanted "Trump is hate" and had banners with anti-Trump slogans written on them.

Three people were arrested, and two vehicles were towed from the scene, according to CNN. Police clarified that the actions taken were due to blocking the road, not the demonstration against Trump. 

The road block was eventually cleared as police ensured protesters dispersed after causing traffic delays. Demonstrators continued marching against Trump, though, gathering around the perimeter set by Secret Service at the rally in the Phoenix suburb he spoke at. Protesters chanted "stop the hate," with supporters in attendance responding with "Trump" and "U.S.A." chants. Trump went on to speak alongside Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Further demonstrations broke out in New York City Saturday, with hundreds of protesters gathering in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, across from Central Park. The group marched through Central Park to Trump Tower, where Trump lives. Two protesters were arrested, though the gathering was peaceful. 

The New York demonstration was organized by special interest groups. 

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