Push to save redevelopment funds begins

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The San Diego City Council Monday will begin a two-day push to approve a slate of redevelopment projects in a bid to save them from Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to close redevelopment agencies.

Council members will consider an agreement with redevelopment officials on about $4 billion worth of projects, which range from large, like cleaning up pollution on a downtown site being studied for a new stadium for the Chargers, to small, such as street light and sidewalk improvements.

City officials believe the agreement will save the projects in case the governor's plan passes the Legislature, since they will have signed contracts.

The agencies are funded with a portion of the tax revenue generated by their projects, but Brown wants to phase them out so all the money will go to the general funds of cities.

Critics of the plan say redevelopment has revitalized downtown and provided affordable housing, and since tax dollars are filtered through Sacramento, the cities will see very little money returned.

A number of cities have pushed through redevelopment projects since Brown made his proposal last month. The language sent to the Legislature for approval includes clauses that will allow the state three years to review the legality of those projects.

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