Quadriplegic Mark Manion shares his story

Mark Manion is a quadriplegic with a compelling story.

Forty years ago this week he became a quadriplegic when he and his cousin were hit by a drunk driver as they began a cycling trip across the country. Manion’s cousin was killed in the crash and was buried in Mira Mesa. Manion meantime, was not expected to live. Having survived, Manion has devoted the last four decades of his life to spreading the message about the consequences of impaired driving.

Manion often talks about the tremendous guilt and remorse that have tortured the four drunk young men who were in the car that hit him and his cousin.

While Manion is a 60-year-old man who cannot move his arms or legs, and even jokes about his condition, says he has a different kind of power, courtesy of a higher power, spreading his message.

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