Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah on SDSU Chabad House vandalism

CHABAD HOUSE SDSU (KUSI) – Police are working to identify two women who vandalized San Diego State University’s Chabad House, the second incident of vandalism to befall the house this year.

Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah of the Chabad House joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to discuss the incident.

“In our experience, when people hear about this, it brings people together because there are more people that care and love than those who hate and want to destroy,” Rabbi Boudjnah said.

Byrnes asked Rabbi Boudjnah what he felt after learning what had happened.

He responded that he had been born in France, where there was a lot of anti-Semitism growing up, and the incident brought him back there mentally.

Rabbi Boudjnah added that he had only watched the video once because watching the menorah being treated that way was too painful.

He chose to not watch it a second time, electing to think about what to do next instead.

SDSU’s police and SDPD are communicating frequently with the rabbi, making him grateful for their support.

Rabbi Boudjnah has created a GoFundMe campaign to repair the damages.

Donate here.

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