Radio host Jason Rantz discusses the impact of the violent riots in Seattle and Portland

SEATTLE (KUSI) – A riot was declared over the weekend at what started as an anti-Seattle Police Officers Guild rally.

Authorities issued a dispersal order Sunday night for the violent mob that was marching and throwing projectiles. Shortly afterward, several people were detained.

Mainstream media is consistently reporting these riots as “peaceful protest,” but that is clearly not the case.

The demonstrations in Portland have turned violent on a daily basis for nearly three months straight, and Seattle is not much different.

Over the weekend in Portland, the violent mob of Black Lives Matter & Antifa members brutally beat a truck driver unconscious, after forcefully removing him from his vehicle.

In Seattle, some police officers were injured by rocks, bottles and fireworks being hurled at them by the violent rioters. 18 vandals were arrested for these actions. The Seattle Police Department released bodycam footage of the incident on their Twitter feed (@SeattlePD).

One Seattle Police Officer even resigned as a result of the ongoing violent protests, telling one Black Lives Matter demonstator, “I’m leaving, you guys won. It’s been two months, I’m out.” Elected officials in Seattle have done nothing to stop the rioters, and have even encouraged them to continue.

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz has been following the violent riots in both cities closely, and he joined KUSI News to discuss what is happening on Good Morning San Diego.

Rantz explained, “you see riots happening on a regular basis. And let’s be clear, these are no longer peaceful protesters with a few agitators and all of a sudden it becomes something more. They’re showing up for a fight, they’re showing up to do damage to buildings, and to harm police officers. When you show up to a protest, you generally don’t show up with weapons, so when you show up with weapons you intend to use them.”

The video of the Seattle Police Officer telling a BLM agitator his plans to resign was posted on Twitter by Ray Garcia (@RayGarciahawaii) and can be seen below.


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