Rally held in University City to reopen schools, parents say ‘Children’s Lives Matter’

UNIVERSITY CITY (KUSI) – San Diego families continue to fight to get their kids back in the classroom.

One parent held a sign that read, “Children’s Lives Matter,” and many of the students signs emphasized the lack of success “Zoom School” has brought to their education experience.

When asked about distance learning, a young student said, “Zoom School is Doom School.”

Despite the growing frustration with the ongoing school closure, San Diego Unified School District has plans to partially  re-open classrooms on April 12, if their conditions are met.

Many other districts in San Diego County have already resumed in-person classes, but San Diego Unified won’t reopen until their teachers and staff have received the vaccine.

One of the rally organizers, Julie Dennis, explained that she believes the superintendent is telling parents they will reopen schools to force them to stay quiet. Dennis explained, “that is not what the contract says. That is what the Superintendent wrote to all of these people trying to get them to be quiet, but we will not be quiet. The contract says, un-understandable things. It does not make sense, it is complicated, and it does not advocate for our children. It does not provide them the education, five days a week, on campus.”

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez was at the “March Back to School” event in University City where she spoke with some of the parents and young students who simply want to return to school.

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