Rally in Oceanside supporting gym owner who vows to reopen

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A rally supporting small businesses in Oceanside drew crowds this morning. Leading the charge to get doors back open was Lou Uridel whose already been arrested for opening his gym, Metroflex Gym, despite health orders requiring all fitness facilities to remain closed.

“It’s never about just making money it’s about putting food on the table and the right to work,” said Uridel. “It’s also about disparity, big businesses allowed to stay open and small businesss getting pushed aside.”

On Sunday, Uridel was arrested for violating health orders and opening his doors on Friday. Uridel has not been arrested so far Wednesday, but he says it’s unclear what could come. He says the move to defy state and local guidelines is not political, but about survival.

“This is not about President Trump this is not about Governor Newsom, it’s about something that can bring all people together and supporting small business,” Uridel. “It’s not about whether you’re democrat or republican, your race creed or color, it’s about bringing people together for small businesses that help to pay for our social welfare programs and even police and fire.”

He is asking other small businesses to unite behind his cause and open their doors while implementing safe social distancing and other heath criteria.

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