Ramona High School receives social media threat

RAMONA (KUSI) — A social media threat at Ramona High School on Friday has been determined to be false.

The student who reported other students plotting a school shooting has admitted that he fabricated the account. School officials have begun disciplinary measures for the student, whose name has been withheld. 

Principal Rowena Mak sent a message to students’ families that said administrators and security officials were aware of the alleged threat and had followed protocols to assess the situation. Ramona High School classes will go on as usual, but parents will ultimately make the call on whether their children would attend.

"Based on the information we have gathered, I am confident in stating that these rumors are just that — unsubstantiated rumors, and we have every reason to believe that our campus is safe for all of us,” Mak said in the statement.

Rumors of a planned shooting spread after a student overheard something that could have been interpreted as a threat. Although sheriff’s deputies did not believe there was a credible threat, they planned to ramp up their presence on the Hanson Lane campus.

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