Ranch Bernardo Broncos 37, Vista Panthers 6

With the exception of the traditional power house it’s always hard to tell who’s going be good and who’s gonna be great. After only giving up 6 points In two games it was time to see if Rancho Bernardo was in the good or great category. By halftime in vista we would have the answer to that question. With 6 first quarter penalties and a couple of close calls on offense this game looked like vista would have a fighting chance against rancho banardo. The panther defense stood strong in the trenches getting 3 first quarter sacks. The score at the end of one was 3-0 Broncos and that would be the closest this contest would get.

The change of quarter brought an entirety different story as the Broncos would began their attack by getting on the board with a short touchdown run by Kaelan Pestano.  This was the start of an avalanche in the second quarter for Rancho Bernardo. That short touchdown run would be followed up by a swing pass from quarterback mark Salazar to Milan grice that would end in a forty-four yard touchdown run. Not to be outdone by the offensive side of the ball the special teams got on the scoreboard with a blocked punt by Edwin Dunn that was picked up and ran In for six more by Raymond Velasquez. Quarterback Mark Salazar who looked shaky in the first quarter, looked like a silver pigskin nominee for the rest of the game capping the second quarter onslaught with a scrabble and pass to Leo Wagner who came Down with a beautiful catch In traffic. The score at halftime looked nothing like the score at the end of the first as the Broncos went into halftime with a lopsided 31-0 lead over the vista panthers.

The second half was dominated much like the first was as Rancho Bernardo did the right thing And simply ran clock for the third and fourth quarters of the game. On a day where the Broncos had more penalty yards then vista had total yards for most of the game, the defense for the panthers held their own against a very strong bronco offense. It was the lack of scoring and ability to make plays on the other side of the ball that would be the be the downfall of vista. Despite a late touchdown by vista’s Abraham Lopez this game was all Broncos with a final score of 37-6.   


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