Rancho Bernardo 31, Del Norte 0

Rivalry matches are known to give fans a tight match with big plays and aggressive play. Today’s match between the Rancho Bernardo Broncos and Del Norte Nighthawks was everything but a heated rivalry matchup. Nighthawks defense was nonexistent on the day in a shaky display against the Bronco’s offense.

Both teams were confident of their play coming into the game with a win on their backs. It looked like the match would shape up to be a good one, but the 1st play of the game proved that wrong.

Coming right out the gates the Bronco’s proved that they weren’t there to play around. In the first play of the game, Bronco’s QB, Tucker Reed, threw a screen pass to Devin Goodloe who ran the ball 80 yards for a TD. Bronco’s 7-0 Nighthawks in the first minute! This was a fair reflection of what was to come.

The second quarter rolled around and the player of the game came to light. Running back Tyree Range picked the ball up on the 48-yard line and rampaged through Nighthawks’ defense for a TD. Bronco’s 14-0 Nighthawk’s. Nighthawk’s were still nonexistent as they looked frail on offense. Their blocked field goal attempt in the 2nd quarter was proof of their frustration on the night.

On the other hand, Bronco’s kicker Sam Fenalson put a 45-yard field goal through the uprights late in the 3rd quarter. Broncos 17-0 Nighthawks

The 4th quarter quickly rolled in and Broncos’ overwhelming offensive power became apparent. Tyree Range once again ran rampant threw his opposition by running the ball for a 33-yard TD. A couple minutes later came the nail in the coffin. Rodney Bolden ran the ball five yards for an easy touchdown. Final score: Broncos 31-0 Nighthawks.

The Nighthawks were non-existent on the night giving their home fans, “The Flock,” little to cheer about. After a convincing display in their last matchup, Nighthawks’ fans must be hoping this game will just be a small blemish in their coming season.

On the flip side, Bronco’s fans must be itching with excitement after their team rolled over their district rivals in stunning fashion. Tyree Range ran for 202 yards on the night, proving his rushing prowess as Bronco’s brilliant start to the season continues.

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