Rancho Bernardo 56, Serra High 10

Looking at this game before it began I think that most knew what the outcome would be. The Rancho Bernardo Broncos came into this game with back-to-back wins knowing that they had to give their fans something to cheer about once again at their first home game. On the other end, there was the Serra Conquistadors who came into this game with back-to-back losses, facing an adversary they had never played against before.

The game started off with a bang as the Broncos scored their first TD within the first minute of the match. Tyree Range, star running back, picked the ball up around the 15-yard line and ripped through the defense for his first TD, giving his opponents a taste of what was to come. Five minutes later he made it 14-0 in what seemed like a moment of déjà vu.

Then came an instance of brilliance for the Serra Conquistadors’ offense as Josh Moran threw to Keith Parkman for a 75 yard TD. For a moment, the home team was stunned and the Conquistadors’ felt as though maybe there was an upset in the cards for them. The glory was to only last less than a couple minutes as Tyree Range ripped through his opponents showing both power and speed with a genius 45 yard run for his 3rd TD on the night. The Broncos had their opponents down 28-7 within the first quarter.

The game went on and eventually Tyree Range got his 4th TD ending his night with 115 yards total from 11 carries playing only the first half. The Conquistadors’ struggled for the remainder of the half as they let the Broncos bring them to their knees at 42-7. After the half, the game gradually became a blowout as the Broncos left it 56-10, gaining a huge win in their first home game of the season.

Looking ahead at the season, Rancho Bernardo looks to improve on their stellar start to the season (3-0), as they face La Costa Canyon next week in a huge match up. On the other end, Serra must look to improve on their (0-3) record this season and keep their heads held high with only themselves to blame.

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