RB’s Blalock Calls It A Career

Sam Blalock is the only man to do plenty of things in San Diego County. Cross the 900 win plateau. Put six players into the big leagues.

Maybe most impressive of all? The only man to be adored by both Rancho Bernardo and Mount Carmel – news he took him with his signature smile.

It’s a smile that will be missed across each baseball field in town, despite Blalock’s consistent ability to beat everyone over the past five decades.

"I think I could still be better than the average bear," Blalock said, "I just didn’t see the fire inside. I didn’t think the kids deserved half effort from their coach."

It’s a legacy that began at Mount Carmel, where he oversaw Billy Beane top selection in the MLB draft. Across the freeway he went to Rancho Bernardo to captain the first voyage of the baseball team. Success came quickly. Great players cycled through the system.

Blalock had eight first round picks in his career, but whether you were an all leaguer or a back bencher, the lessons and appreciation were equal.

"I had an old umpire tell me once, ‘I never made a bad call in my heart,’" Blalock said. "I hope they think that [of me] because I never made a bad decision in my heart."

"I always did what I thought was best, and then gave them a setting for them to develop. It’s not about what I’ve taught them. It’s about what they’ve learned."

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