Record high 1,706 homeless people living in Downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The official November 2022 homeless count found a record high 1,706 homeless people to be living in Downtown San Diego alone.

November becomes the fourth straight record-breaking month, and San Diego’s Democrat Mayor, Todd Gloria, is nowhere to be found.

Back in September, Bill Walton made national news when he called on Mayor Gloria to resign as a result of his failed leadership regarding the homeless crisis. About three months later, and Mayor Gloria’s failure has only gotten worse.

When Mayor Gloria was sworn in as Mayor of San Diego in December 2020, there were 622 homeless people living in Downtown. Two years later, under his leadership, the population has nearly tripled.

Mayor Todd Gloria’s office provided KUSI News with the following statement:

Since day one, Mayor Gloria has been unwavering in his focus to get people off the street. The Mayor has dramatically expanded the City’s homelessness response system – more so than any other administration prior. This includes opening new homeless shelters, increasing the availability of homeless beds by 40%, and creating more places for people to go who are living in their cars.

While the City is successfully getting people off the street and into permanent housing every day, the fact remains that more people are falling into homelessness than the region’s homelessness response system can serve. As the Regional Task Force on Homelessness recently reported, for every 10 people that we house in our county, 13 fall into homelessness due largely to sky-high housing costs. The Mayor intends to make an announcement about policies to address this in the coming days. He remains committed to the ultimate goal that ends homelessness: a roof over the head of every San Diegan at a price they can afford.

KUSI will have a full report Monday on Good Evening San Diego.



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