Red Carpet Ready Arms with Cindy Whitmarsh

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Awards season may be over but it’s never too late to work out those arms!

Red carpet ready arms workout!
(repeat each exercise 20/30 reps 2/3 times)

1. Step over cross punch
2. Shoulder trio
3. Biceps curls front raise
4. Single/double kickbacks
5. Burpee push-out
6. Down and up push-up
7. Push-up and over
8. Arm shimmy

Cindy’s nutrition tips of the week!
Fiber is the key to not only weight loss but a healthy digestion system and longevity. On average every day you should get between 25/35 g of fiber a day. The fiber should be spread out throughout the day in around 5/8 grams at a time to avoid constipation. Make sure you’re drinking at least 80/128 ounces of water a day to move the fiber through your body.

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