Registrar of Voters office sent out nearly 1.8 million postcards to remind voters to check status

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thursday, the Registrar of Voters’ Michael Vu implored voters to pay attention to a mailer his office is sending out regarding the upcoming California Primary. That’s because there are specific rules involving voting for President that are unique to the primary.

March 3rd is right around the corner and the 103 days to the California Primary will be more accelerated because of the upcoming holidays.  Now is the time, says Vu, to familiarize yourself with the Primary’s rules if you want to vote for President.   Because they are different than in the November Presidential election.  You see, the party of the Presidential candidate you want to vote for is very much involved in March.

Vu:  “Every four years, your political party preference matters, how you are registered to vote matters.  Because its the particular party that gets to decide who votes and who doesn’t for their respective slate of candidates.”

For example, if you’re registered as a nonpartisan, also known as an independent, some of the parties will allow you to crossover, some won’t.  The Democrats, Libertarians and the American Independent Party will allow you to crossover, but you have to request a ballot reflecting the affiliation of the Presidential candidate you want to vote for.

If you want to vote for a Republican, Green or Peace and Freedom candidate, then it’s even more restrictive.  You have to re-register as a member of that party.  See why it’s important to familiarize yourself now?

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