Registrar of Voters seeks poll workers for upcoming election

The Registrar of Voters is partnering up with several local programs to help meet their poll worker needs for the upcoming election.

Logan Byrnes sat down with Michael Vu from the Registrar of Voters to talk about how you can get involved.

Poll workers are United States Citizens, 18 years of age and have registered to vote in California. A unique exception is made for students participating in the High School Student Poll Worker Program.

The Registrar also partners with local colleges, fellow county and state employees to help staff the polls. While poll workers are considered volunteers they do receive a stipend to offset expenses of their service. The stipends range from $75 to $175 depending on the position assigned.

San Diego County has a special need for poll workers who are fluent in Chinese, Filipino, Spanish and Vietnamese and when assigned to provide this bilingual assistance $15 is added to the stipend.

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