Hunter pulls no punches

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter joined us on Good Morning San Diego Tuesday to talk about a slew of topics, including the recently agreed upon budget deal, dealings with Iran, and much more. 

Hunter pulled no punches in Part 1 of the interview, more than once calling the Obama administration “weak” after a nuclear deal with Iran didn't include the release of American detainees.

He also indicated his favorable stance on using tactical nukes in an effort to prevent Iran from obtaining their own nuclear weapon, proclaiming “I deal with the world as it is… not like we would like it to be.”

In Part 2 of the interview, Hunter says many of his peers “held their noses” and voted for the currently agreed upon budget deal, admitting “you can't vote no all the time.”   He says the deal, which will preclude another government shutdown for at least the next two years, will help restore order.  He lauded the fact that any increased funding is paid for through creative financing, such as increased airline fees, rather than borrowing.

The budget deal is expected to officially pass the Senate chamber Wednesday and soon after be signed into law.

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