Rep. Sara Jacobs calls for President Trump to be removed from office

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – Newly elected Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, representing California’s 53rd Congressional District, was inside the US Capitol as rioters broke in.

She is safe and unharmed, but discussed the scary sequence of events with KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego.

Jacobs said she was in the gallery above the House floor when Capitol Police told them to pull out the “emergency hoods chemical weapons masks that were under the chairs to protect ourselves.”

After they put the hoods on, Jacobs said they had to evacuate the room to get to a secure location within the Capitol building. After things settled down and the rioters left the building, Congress returned to certify the election for Joe Biden.

In response to the actions that occurred at the Capitol, Jacobs said, “I am hopeful the Vice President and members of the Cabinet will use their authority according to the 25th amendment. I think that’s the quickest way to make sure that President Trump is held accountable for inciting this mob on the elected Members of Congress. But if not, I believe we need to use any avenue available to us.”

Jacobs said they need to investigate how the protesters were able to get into the Capitol so easily. Explaining, “we also need to investigate why the disproportionate response to peaceful protesters over the Summer,

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