Rep. Scott Peters will work to repeal Trump Tax Cuts if reelected

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Democrat Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) is campaigning for reelection against San Diego businessman, Jim DeBello.

With the 2020 election quickly approaching, Biden’s tax plan has gotten a lot of attention after rapper 50 Cent posted a photo showing California’s highest earners would pay 62% in taxes under Biden’s plan.

Biden has routinely said he will not raise taxes on people making under $400,000, but Republicans say that is a lie because he is simultaneously promising to repeal the Trump Tax Cuts that lowered taxes for nearly every American.

Peters said, “I did not think that was a good policy decision at a time when the economy was cooking along pretty well.”

Rep. Scott Peters defended Biden’s plan saying California’s top earners are able to pay more, and should pay more. Peters also promised to work to repeal the Trump Tax Cuts if reelected.

Wednesday on Good Morning San Diego, DeBello said he would take his private sector experience to Washington and pass pro-business legislation that will help businesses and constituents of the 52nd Congressional District.

On the other hand, DeBello is an advocate of lower taxes, and thinks increasing taxes on Californians in the middle of a pandemic would be disastrous.

Rep. Scott Peters joined KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego to discuss his campaign, and explain his position on major issues like the PRO Act, and the controversy surrounding raising taxes on Americans in the middle of a pandemic.

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