Report: President Trump makes Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher a Chief again

The Navy Times is reporting that President Trump “has decided to restore convicted SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s pay grade to chief petty officer, overriding a decision last week by the Navy’s top admiral.”

Pete Hegseth announced the news Monday morning on Fox and Friends. Hegseth said he spoke directly with President Trump about intervening in three war crimes cases.


EXCLUSIVE: President Trump to take imminent action on cases of three military members accused of war crimes (via Pete Hegseth)

Posted by Fox & Friends on Monday, November 4, 2019

Gallagher’s attorney, Tim Parlatore told the Navy Times, “We didn’t reach out to the president, but we’re grateful that he’s taking this action. The idea that even after everything Green did to still go after Eddie’s trident, that’s not the action of a SEAL admiral. That’s the action of a petulant child. It’s a good thing the adults in the room are standing up.”

Parlatore continued, “In 3.5 hours, I have the expectation that Green might still pull Eddie’s trident when he shows up for duty.”

Gallagher’s case has got the attention of President Trump before. On March 30, 2019, President Trump tweeted that he has ordered the Pentagon to release Gallagher from pretrial confinement in San Diego’s Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar.

Then, Trump tweeted congratulations to Gallagher and his entire family.

Trump also asked the Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer and Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson to “immediately withdraw and rescind the awards” they received.

President Trump’s involvement in the Gallagher case has been received with praise from the Gallagher family and many others who have been following the case.

The complete Navy Times report can be read here.

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