A New Face Enters the Congressional Race in the 53rd District

Retired Navy Seal Larry Wilske says he wants to serve his country again, as a US Congressman.

With a group of supporters on the steps of the Mount Soledad Memorial. The 53-year-old former Master Chief announced his run for congress. Touting his experience as a leader.

Wilske is running as a Republican trying to unseat Democrat Susan Davis who's represented the 53rd District for almost fourteen years.

The 53rd District is one of the most diverse in San Diego County. It includes the City of San Diego, and it runs east to include cities like La Mesa and Lemon Grove. To the south, it covers parts of Chula Vista and Bonita.

The district tends to vote democratic but it wasn't always that way. Republican Brian Bilbray used to hold the seat…but lost to Susan Davis in 2000, changing demographics were a factor. Davis has fought off all rivals ever since.

Wilske is a political novice. He's never held elected office before but that doesn't seem to bother him.

Unlike his opponent Susan Davis, Wilske doesn't support Obama Care. He'd like to see the legislation dumped. And he also has differences with Davis on another recent issue. He told us he would not vote for an extension of unemployment benefits.

Wilske likes to say this country shouldn't be red or blue.

But party loyalties do make a difference, especially when it comes to the money to run a successful campaign.

Vince Vasquez is a political analyst at National University. He says a candidate with little name recognition and few ties to big money will have to struggle.

As we've seen in other congressional races, candidates will spend millions of dollars to get their message out. Something that doesn't seem to stop this retired seal from a mission some might think impossible.

Not all congressional races are created equal. In the neighboring 52nd District, Republican Carl Demaio is collecting millions of dollars from GOP donors.

The Republican Party has set its sights on taking that seat away from democrat and first term Congressman Scott Peters.


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