Republicans looking for “balance” on City Council


The reformers cannot afford to lose even one of the two seats. If they do, the Democrat-dominated council can move their progressive agenda, and there's nothing the new mayor – or anybody else – can do about it. City elections are non-partisan in name only; candidates supported by the political parties and their PAC's end up the winners. Right now, the political balance on the council is tipped – 6 Democrats, 3 Republicans. This imbalance is what Tuesday's endorsements were about: up-ending the Democrats' super-majority that's a threat to the reform movement.
“When you give one side a lopsided balance frequently, there's not a lot of listening to the other side, so I think balance is what we're looking for,” said former mayor Jerry Sanders.
With that, Sanders and the Chamber endorsed Lorie Zapf in District 2 and Chris Cate in District 6.
“I'm supporting Chris and Lorie for this election because they're the only candidates who have supported these essential fiscal reforms, and dedicated to working with our new Mayor Kevin Faulconer.”

“We must continue the path that Jerry Sanders started and have the City Council leadership support the vision of our new mayor Kevin Faulconer,” said Zapf.

“Reforms that we adopted as voters work,” stated Cate, “and we need to take those savings and reinvest in our neighborhoods.”
The path the council is going to take is an open question. Vince Vasquez is a policy analyst at the Institute for Policy Research at National University.
“Right now, all eyes are on Council President Todd Gloria, and the council, in terms of the agenda that's pursued,” said Vasquez.
Because the Council President determines the issues and when they come before the council. Vasquez cautions the Democrats about overreaching.
“Clearly, if there's an agenda that emerges that seems less in sync with mainstream San Diego, which means less in sync with the business community, that doesn't seem to partner well with the mayor's office, and I think they're going to have a problem.”
A problem for the top Democrats – Sara Boot running against Lorie Zapf in District 2, and Carol Kim running against Chris Cate in District 6. Mayor Kevin Faulconer has endorsed both Zapf and Cate. Barring the unforseen, Zapf wins in District 2, but Cate will have a difficult time against Carol Kim in District 6. The Democrats do hold a slight registration advantage in both, but Mayor Faulconer carried both by 59% and 61% of the vote. 


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