Residential solar company employees donate free energy system to injured Army veteran

RANCHO SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Employees of a residential solar company are scheduled Thursday to donate a free energy system to an Army veteran who lost both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan.

According to American Solar Direct, a sales consultant canvassing a Rancho San Diego neighborhood came upon Sgt. Odin Ayala, who was injured in his third tour of duty in the war-torn country.

The employee shared the story with co-workers, and word of the encounter made it to executives at the firm’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

A volunteer installation crew, along with Chief Operating Officer Andrew Schneider, plan to put in the solar system, which should reduce Ayala’s energy costs. They chose the day before July 4 as a way to pay tribute to injured veterans.

Ayala and his family recently moved into the home, which was specially designed to be accessible to wheelchairs, according to the company.

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