Residents rally to stop sexually violent predator Joseph Bocklett from being released into Pauma Valley

PAUMA VALLEY (KUSI) – Another pedofile is set to be released in San Diego County.  Joseph Bocklett is a three peat offender, guilty of lewd crimes on children ranging in age from 5 to 9 years old. Court records show at age 31, Bocklett molested his 5-year old step daughter for several months.

Bocklett plead guilty to lewd acts and was placed on probation. Seven years later he married a woman and began molesting her four year old son. The abuse happened weekly for over a year. He pled guily to sodomy and was sentenced to 13 years. He served less than half and was released. In 1994, he started molesting a 4 year old girl.

The daughter of a woman he met through a dating service. By the year 2000, Bocklett was convicted once again of sex acts on a child under the age of 14. Bocklett was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Doctors classify him with multiple disorders including those of a predatory nature for both girls and boys. But now he’s set to be released to the quiet community of Pauma Valley.

Community member describe Pauma Valley is a quiet peaceful community where parents, grandparents and children enjoy walking the tree-lined streets and listening to the birds. They tell KUSI, Pauma Valley is a place people can enjoy their privacy which they say is not a safe option when it comes to a violent sexual offender.

Liberty Healthcare, the private company paid millions by the state to manage the release of sexually violent predators, rented a home on Adams Ave in Pauma Valley. It’s three bedrooms and sits on more than an acre of land. The rental value on the home is about $2,300 per month

Instead, Liberty Healthcare agreed to pay $4,300/month to house Bocklett.

Many residents and San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond are now fighting the release of Bocklett. Supervisor Desmond is hosting a zoom town hall to talk to residents about what can be done.

To join Supervisor Desmond’s virtual town hall, click here.

Desmond’s full interview about the release of Brocklett is below.

Supervisor Desmond released the following information regarding his efforts to stop Brocklett’s release:

The State of California is considering placing a Sexually Violent Predator in the Pauma Valley area. This predator has served his full term in prison and on July 31, 2020 there will be a court hearing to determine if Pauma Valley is an appropriate location.

This Sexually Violent Predator, Joseph Bocklett is a three-time repeat offender committing crimes against male and female children under the age of 10 and despite numerous attempts at “treatment” he has not once been remorseful.

I encourage all concerned citizens who live and work in Pauma Valley and the nearby community of Valley Center, to raise up your voices in opposition.

Send me an email on or before July 27th to: and my office will forward your correspondence to the courts.

I will be holding a community “Zoom” meeting on July 15th at 11:00am to talk about what is being done and how you can help keep this predator out of our community. Here is the link to the meeting:

We should not allow Sexually Violent Predators to live in our rural communities with families, schools, and hiking trails present. I will do everything thing I can to stop this from happening, but I need your correspondence and help!


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