Residents respond to San Diego City’s effort to add bike lanes in University Heights

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego City claims dozens of parking spaces are going to be taken out and replaced with bike lanes along a one-mile stretch, going from Adams Avenue down to University.

There have been efforts like this taking place all over the city.

Bike lanes have been installed as city leaders look to pull San Diegans away from their street wheels and encourage more public transit and bicycle use.

There have been multiple times where these plans have been poorly communicated to locals living in the area and have resulted in blowback or even complete restriping of the road, as seen in the Goldcoast Drive in Mira Mesa case.

In this instance, it seems that the city has informed locals and businesses but that hasn’t stemmed the tide of frustration as some critics say this creates an unnecessary burden that the community has to support.

On “Good Evening San Diego” KUSI’s Matt Prichard was out in Normal Heights with more on how businesses and locals are reacting to this change.

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