Restaurant owner Todd Brown says California needs to follow the science and open now

PACIFIC BEACH (KUSI) – Owner of Bub’s at the Beach joined KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon on Good Morning San Diego to discuss how business is doing now that we’re seeing the State start to open up.

Although business is going well, restaurant owners are still struggling to get people to come back to work. “The people that are working are happy and they are making good money… but, some people rather stay home and be stuck on unemployment” – Todd Brown

Todd Brown also says that California leaders need to follow the science and open up now. “I don’t get the June, 15th date…based on the science, they need to open the state today”. Brown and McKinnon also discussed how things are starting to feel like the old normal and people who are vaccinated, don’t want to wear a mask any longer.


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