Restore Our Values releases new ad for California Gubernatorial candidate John Cox

CALIFORNIA (KUSI) – This November, California could shock the nation by voting for Republican candidate John Cox, who is running for Governor of California against Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom.

Restore Our Values released a new statewide political ad for self-made candidate and businessman John Cox on Tuesday. The ad aims to “Restore Our Values” and debunk the myth that a Republican can’t be elected governor in a historically Democratic California.

Tim van Damm, Co-Chair of Restore Our Values, visited the studio on Tuesday morning to share the news and talk about the ad campaign.

The ad is sponsored by Restore Our Values, an independent Super Pac committee supporting John Cox for Governor.

“In contrast to Gavin Newsom, John Cox is a self-made man,” said Leigh Teece, Co-Chair of Restore Our Values. “Cox was raised by a single mom on the south side of Chicago, one of the most impoverished areas of America. He pulled himself out of poverty through academic accomplishment and hard work. And he’s gone on to become a highly-successful businessman. Nothing was ever handed to John Cox.”

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