Retired SDPD officer donates kidney to help fellow officer in need

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego Police Officer Art Calvert has found a kidney donor in retired SDPD Officer Pat Vincent. This comes after nearly four years of undergoing dialysis, and being matched for a kidney transplant, only to have it taken away in January.

Dispatcher Debra Ballard offered her kidney, but just 12 hours before the surgery, doctors at UCSD Thorton Hospital realized their antibodies no longer matched. Calvert went back to the drawing board.

Calvert, who has been on the force for 20 years and was in the New York Yankees farm system, discovered both of his kidney’s failed in 1994. Over time, both his his mother and sister had donated kidneys, but 24 years later, his health began to fall ill again.

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His current condition requires Art perform peritoneal dialysis and has a shunt in his stomach. He requires 3 exchanges a day, two which are performed mid-day and one at night. Calvert is required to be hooked up to his machine for 9 hours at night during this treatment, which begins at 10 PM and commences at 7 AM.

But that all changes Thursday, when Calvert will receive a kidney, after Vincent volunteered for the job. Vincent said he heard Calvert’s story, and there was no reason to not help.

Vincent will not be donating his kidney directly to Calvert, but because he is donating a kidney, it pushes Calvert up on the list to receive one, saving his life. Calvert expressed gratitude to Vincent for the selfless sacrifice, to Mayor Kevin Falconer and the SDPD for supporting his during the last four years.

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