Reverend Shane Harris discusses Governor Newsom’s executive action to issue statewide moratorium on evictions

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Eviction enforcement to more than 150 homes in San Diego County have been halted.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department had planned on resuming evictions that were in effect prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Sheriff Bill Gorre decided to suspend eviction service pending further discussion.

Sheriff officials say the decision was made after hearing from several elected officials about the impact the evictions might have on public health and safety during the pandemic.

Earlier this week, notices appeared on the homes of at least 160 San Diego County resident, announcing that eviction enforcement would be resuming in San Diego County.

Civil Rights Activist and President of the People’s Alliance for Justice, a National Civil Rights Organization, Reverend Shane Harris, spoke with Governor Newsom about stopping these planned evictions.

Harris joined KUSI News on Good Morning San Diego to details what he and Newsom spoke about on the phone to help those who were facing eviction in San Diego County and other parts of California.

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