Rideshare drivers come together to voice their opposition to AB 5

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Rideshare drivers come together against AB5 to urge action by Gov. Newsom and the legislature to “To Do the Right Thing” & support a solution to save their work opportunities.

AB 5 was introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and “creates a presumption that a worker who performs services for a hirer is an employee for purposes of claims for wages and benefits arising under wage orders issued by the Industrial Welfare Commission. Existing law requires a 3-part test, commonly known as the “ABC” test, to establish that a worker is an independent contractor for those purposes.” The full text of AB 5 can be read here.

Monday, rideshare drivers held press conferences in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and right here in San Diego to explain why they are against becoming employees. Following the press conference, the drivers will go to their legislator’s district offices to show the real consequences that will happen without a fix to Dynamex (AB5), including a recent find by Beacon Economics that over 300,000 Lyft drivers alone will be out of work with the passing of the bill.

These drivers say the proposed legislation will result in a significant reduction in work opportunities for drivers if they are forced to become employees and passengers will see significantly longer waits and higher costs. Plus, they say riders in rural and suburban communities may lose rideshare services altogether due to a lack of drivers.

The report includes the number of drivers who would be out of work in each Senate and Assembly district.

  • 6,461 rideshare drivers out of work in AD 80 (Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, author of AB 5)
  • 5,120 rideshare drivers out of work in AD 63 (Speaker Anthony Rendon)
  • 9,751 rideshare drivers out of work in SD 39 (Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins)
  • 12,159 rideshare drivers out of work in SD 18 (Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg)

·       4,180 rideshare drivers out of work in AD 57 (Assembly Majority Floor Leader Ian Calderon)

Gig companies like Uber, Lyft Postmates are used by millions of people every single day but are being targeted by AB 5.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote that “Democrats are couching all of this as ‘worker protections,’ though Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, the bill’s sponsor, in the spring complained that gig workers aren’t paying their fair share in taxes.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that California has lost 175,000 jobs since February 2019.

The WSJ’s “California’s War on Gigs” article continued, “the gig bill’s added costs, complications and uncertainties would kill more jobs while accelerating the movement toward automation with drones and self-driving cars.”

The full study from Beacon Economics can be read here: Beacon Economics study on impact of AB 5

Rideshare drivers voice their opposition to Lorena Gonzalez's AB 5

Rideshare drivers come together against AB-5 to urge action by Gov. Newsom and the legislature to "To Do the Right Thing" & support a solution to save their work opportunities.What do you think of AB 5? #YourVoice

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