RNC day 4: Make America One Again

CLEVELAND, OHIO (KUSI) — San Diego-area Congressman Darrel Issa sat for hours signing copies of his new book for California delegates.

They were all anticipating, what should Donald Trump tell voters in his acceptance speech?

"Forty-five minutes isn’t enough time to talk about everything that needs to be changed in this country, but I do expect Donald Trump to express a vision of an America that hits those essence that governments are too big, that taxes are too high, that criminals need to be dealt with as criminals, and terrorists need to be dealt with as terrorists. That a strong national offense is something we’ve given up and our relationship with the rest of the world, having our friends trust us and our enemies fear us. I want to hear all of that because I know that is what’s in his heart," Issa said.

Issa said the list of problems is long, but the message should be simple.

"We are pro-Trump and we are so excited because he’s not a bureaucrat. He’s just a man whose been swimming upstream and it’s time to get behind him. It’s time to be a unit …" said Laine Lansing.

This is a special California delegation. Two-thirds are brand new people who have never been delegates before because this time, Trump fired up their passion.

Arkan Soto said, "This is your candidate. This is the one that the primary produced and they said this is the one we want, so now our job as a team, as a party, is to unite and support that candidate to make sure they win in November."

Gina Loudon, Ph.D, "I think it has to be a formal invitation. I think we have to go to those places and hold their hands and look in their eyes and say, ‘You know, we want you and this is actually the party of prosperity. That is the party of slavery, that is the party of poverty, that is the party who is running a candidate who is all about victim-hood and ‘woe is me.’ This is the party of unity, this is the party of bringing everybody back together, making everyone prosperous.’ Donald Trump said that’s his goal. He wants everyone in America to be as rich as him."

And they all say they now understand, they have to carry the Trump message that inspires them back to San Diego and elsewhere and try to inspire others to vote for Trump.

"You can dream the American dream, you can be anyone you want to be if you put your mind to it and hard work," said Renata Juchum.

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