RNC day three: Make American First Again

CLEVELAND, OHIO (KUSI) — Everywhere you go, they are singing the praises of Donald Trump, as the delegates head back into the Quicken Loans Area for night number three at the Republican National Convention.

Greg Lansing is a North County businessman and like many others, it’s his and his wife’s first time as delegates.

"I think the liberal politics that have lasted a number of years really have ruined our country and have put us in the wrong direction. And so putting America first means, why are we giving money to all these foreign governments that hate us? I mean that’s number one. Why are we giving jobs to countries that hate us? Let’s worry about our people. We worry about illegal immigrants in this country more than our own veterans. I find it despicable and that’s why we’re out doing everything we can to make sure Donald Trump wins," Greg Lansing said. 

He’s hoping to find a way to spread that message in San Diego County.

Laine Lansing is joining her husband Greg as a fire time delegate as well. She wants women at home in San Diego to know ….

"When he was in San Diego, I went on the train literally going downtown and there were a ton of women that I’ve met who are around my age or older, some who came from LA to Oceanside and we were were all celebrating Trump," she said.

And Trump’s effort to appeal to women was served with breakfast Wednesday to the California delegates.

Omarosa Manigault, who was fired by Trump on the "Apprentice," has every reason to not like the Donald, but she’s working to get him elected.

"He’s very candid. He’s very direct. He wants us to bring God back into this country and more importantly, take away fear. He’s going to secure our homeland. He’s going to bring respect to our military and secure our borders. That’s what he brings," she said.

Then it was Ann Coulter turn to tell the delegates why she is a Trump supporter. It’s the energy she says, that she experienced personally.

"A male yells out at me, ‘Ann Coulter! Go Trump!’ and I said to my friend, ‘Hey do you remember when I was a huge Romney supporter? Did that ever  happen?’"

On the convention floor on night number three, former rivals become campaign supporters, joining what the GOP hopes are more and more skeptics becoming believers.

In San Diego, it will be up to these delegates to spread the message of unity because, so far longtime San Diego County Republican leaders have not.

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