Robots join security team at Pechanga Resort and Casino

TEMECULA (KUSI)- Pechanga Resort and Casino is equipped with 300 security workers and thousands of security cameras and now they’re adding two security robots.

The two robots are Rudy, an almost 6-ft. tall, stationary robot, and Buddy, a nearly 400 pound, round robot that roams the casino floor.

Buddy moves around the hotel lobby and atrium area using GPS and lidar, which is a type of sensor. He monitors the floors with 360-degree, HD cameras, 24 hours a day.

The bots are programmed to capture and stream live video so they can help scan for suspicious activity or unattended packages and sounds.

Buddy and Rudy do not replace any of the security workers at Pechanga Resort and Casino, they just are other tool used to keep people safe.

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