Rollin Roots vegan food truck offers pay what you can pricing every Monday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –  Big restaurants aren’t the only ones struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Food truck vendors are also having a challenging time surviving as more people are staying home.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with the owner of the Rollin Roots Food Truck, Avonte Hartsfield, about his business and how he has gotten creative to survive the pandemic.

Hartsfield explained the pandemic crushed his hopes of expanding operations, forcing him to switch to a food truck business model in August 2020.

The pandemic forced Hartsfield to stop doing his farmers market, which is what made him place all of his savings into the food truck operation. He is now working alone, and offering a “pay what you can” service every Monday to help those in need.

To order food from Rollin Roots visit;

Hartsfield supplied KUSI News with the following information about the history of the Rollin Roots Food Truck:

We just started on our Journey in 2019, unfortunately Corona Virus came and halted our farmers market business. We were doing great and on our way to opening a restaurant and planned on extending our operations, and at our peak the pandemic wreaked its havoc. We had to switch to a food truck in August of 2020 after scrambling to figure out what we were going to do. Since we just started our team is unable to apply for any loans and we are stuck. We hoped to stick it out and wait for this to go away, however this pandemic is taking much longer than anticipated and we need a little help! Now that I have a food truck and in the slowest quarter of the year it is a really struggling to make ends meet, especially working now by myself. I would prefer you order food at the truck, however this is for those that just want to support and cannot make it out to the truck. I’ve since lost my team, so this is a way to help me get them back, provide for business losses, get the proper equipment, and ensure we stay open to continue providing community service and dank vegan food! Thanks for taking the time to view and support us!

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