Safety improvements come to North Park after recent attacks

San Diego (KUSI) – City Council President Todd Gloria and members of the San Diego Police Department are making safety improvements to the North Park Area. The move comes following six attacks on women since the middle of June.

“I love seeing this, this morning, the lights going up makes me very happy, makes me feel safe,” says Celeste Martinez.

Seeing work on city street lights is a welcome change.

Both Stephanie Lo and Joanne Johnson work at the Alba Community Day School in North park, and are very aware of the recent attacks on women in the neighborhood.

Stephanie Lo says, “We work at the school, and a lot of times we are afraid for the safety of our students.”

The most recent attack was in an alley right across from their school.

“This seems like a convenient gathering spot for a lot of things at night, so to have lights will really help cut some of that down,” says Johnson.

The increased lighting is aimed at improving safety, and in direct response to the six assaults in the area since June 11th. All attacks have been against women walking alone at night.

There have been no confirmed sexual assaults or stolen property, but the attacks are violent, leaving some of the women knocked unconscious.

Police have circulated a flyer describing the suspect as a light-skinned Latino in his early 20’s.

City Council President Todd Gloria and members of the San Diego Police Department announced the lighting changes after members of the community in recent town hall meetings said lighting was their top concern.

In addition to two new lights at the community parks tennis courts, the city is also converting the street lights on Lincoln Avenue from Texas Street to the 805 to brighter led bulbs.

City Council President, Todd Garcia, said, “We’re going to continue to listen to folks very clearly on where we best troubleshoot until this predator is brought to justice.”

Gloria is also working to get additional lightning and security cameras installed on the Alba school campus.

“I think it’s great we’ve had a lot of incidents with theft, littering destruction of property, so overall I think it would be a safer environment for everybody,” says Stephanie.

Gloria says he’s optimistic funding will come together so security cameras and additional lighting can be added to the Alba school in a few months.

In the mean time, officers are asking women to avoid walking alone at night. They encourage everyone to walk in well lit areas, and if anyone has information about the attacks to contact Cimestoppers.

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